Wrap Your Presents with Design by Charlotte

Design by Charlotte

Design By Charlotte is the creative vision of 20-year-old architecture student Charlotte Pelletier.

Born in France, Charlotte moved to Adelaide six years ago, where her love of fashion, design and structure continued to flourish. Now Charlotte is using her love of design to create handmade minimal and stylish greeting cards for all to enjoy.

We sat down with Charlotte to talk about her greeting cards label, where she gets her inspiration from, and even got some handy tips on how to perfectly style our Christmas presents this year.

Design by Charlotte

What inspired you to launch Design by Charlotte?
I have been creating art in many forms all my life. I have created pieces for friends and family and have always made personalised greeting cards for all occasions. I had the idea of putting together sets of designs showcasing the themes that people have loved and then applying them to cards. Although I have been thinking about this idea for over a year it was the encouragement of my friends that inspired me to finally make it a reality.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Studying architecture, I’m exposed to the importance of composition, geometry, colour, and texture. The form of a building is very much artistic and this is where I found much of my inspiration. Through my studies and exposure to the great works of architecture around the world, drawn and documented in the most beautiful and creative ways, I became aware that there was a huge range of possibilities for my designs.

What do you enjoy most about art/design?
I love the thought process; I can think and sketch for hours, working on a particular theme. I wonder how my designs can abstractly express this theme and how will this combination of colours and forms make the receiver feel?

What makes your greeting cards different from all the other ones found at local newsagents?
First of all my cards are totally unique, each one originates as a work of art. The prints are pieces that I made getting messy with paint, ink and pen and then digitally designed. I use thick card and print on parchment, quality and texture is important. I love the idea of giving a little piece of art as a gift along with a personal message, whatever the occasion, the cards are versatile and could be used at any time.

Design by Charlotte

Tell us, what is the creative process like in creating your greeting cards?
Some of my cards such as the ‘FREE’ and ‘MARBLED’ collection were made with acrylic paint then photographed and printed. The others are hand drawn then digitally designed; using skills I acquired through my architecture studies. I love the merging of hand drawing and Photoshop, it keeps the designs minimal and modern and of course, unique.

So what’s next for Design by Charlotte now?
I am planning on making my designs available as large prints to frame. In both A4 and A3 these will make the perfect addition to a space for those who have an eye for stylish interior design and are looking for a feature piece with a difference.

Design by Charlotte

How-to: Style Christmas wrapping with Design by Charlotte

Tip 1. Keep the wrapping simple. Ditch overly bright and graphic wrapping and substitute it with classic white, black or brown paper.

Tip 2. Use hessian string instead of ribbon for extra texture and a more modern touch.

Tip 3. Now that you have yourself a clean and simple base, use one of the many stylish greeting cards from Design by Charlotte to finesse and personalise each gift.

Design by Charlotte
Design by Charlotte


Photography by Charlotte Pelletier.




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