World Wild Releases ‘Hollywood’ Clip

Adelaide band World Wild have just released their video clip for their new single ‘Hollywood’.

World Wild teamed up with film maker Aaron Shuppan who is known for this music videos and short documentaries.

Lead signer, Jarrad Lee JacksonĀ says they watched Aaron’s show reel and was blown away by his unique take on filming.

“It wasn’t like anything I’d seen lately, it was full of mystery and it took me to a dark place in which I felt safe and didn’t want to leave,” Jarrad says. “I knew right away Aaron was going to have to make this video, the man’s a genius.”

For the clip, the band had to lug the entire production for the video half a kilometre up to a ridge that looks over the city.

“We were performing on a ridge over looking our city using generators, smoke machines, crazy lighting, we all worked together and made it happen, the rain held out and everything ran so smoothly,” Jarrad says.