Winter Warmers: Scarves and Gloves

Is it colder this June than previous ones gone by? I think we say this each year, but why are we never prepared? We look through our “winter essentials” box and turn our noses up at almost everything we pull out and start bagging up our olds for goodwill and searching the web for freshies, but even that can be very daunting and stressful, so we have sorted through the goods, the bads and the questionables so you can rest easy knowing you’re purchasing some great winter wears this season.

This week, protect your neck and fingers from the bitter cold mornings.

Seed Heritage

Tonal Ocelot Scarf

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Kate & Confusion

Zella Leather Gloves

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Tauriel Brushed Textured Scarf

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Country Road

Rib Leather Glove

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Ombre Ocelot Scarf

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Cat Mittens

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