Winter makeup in 5 easy steps

Step 1

Great makeup begins with great skin. Use a foundation brush to help blend foundation into the skin. Start by applying on the outer corner of the face and blend towards the centre, this allows seamless blending and long lasting finish.

Step 2

Set the foundation with a loose powder to achieve a silky, transparent finish. Use a face product in a neutral shade to highlight the inner corner of the eyes, brow bone and bow of lip for a subtle brightening effect.

Step 3

Groom brows with a clear brow gel for a bit of sculpting and definition without any colour or tint.

Step 4

When applying eye shadow, use one brush to pick up and apply colour, and the other to blend and soften while keeping both eyes open, guaranteeing a symmetrical application. Blend eye shadow over the eyelids and through the lower lashes to accentuate the lash line. Apply a shimmery eye shadow in the centre of the eyelid to intensify the look.

Step 5

With a well sharpened lip liner, define and contour the lip, fill in the entire lip and with a lip brush, blend the colour through. This will keep the colour looking great for hours. Finish the lips with an application of gloss.




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