Winter Escapes

Travelling. The cliché says that it is only thing you can buy that will make you richer.

Living in Australia, the prospect of setting off on a grand adventure somewhere exotic always seems like a pipe dream until it finally happens. Being an almost guaranteed 8+ hour flight from anywhere outside of the country can be a turn of for some but once conquering the draining task of being in transit, the excitement of exploration begins. A fresh new country filled with new faces, climates and customs are the first emotions felt and off into the wilderness you go. It’s magical.

Is it Europe, or Asia? Perhaps it’s New Zealand or somewhere in Africa. Maybe it’s a luxurious shopping trip in Paris or a historical escapade in Egypt.

With winter well and truly setting in for 2016, it’s easy to dream of a grand escape. Here, we’ve rounded up the top five destinations for you to ponder these next three months. Maybe they will even become a reality, for some.

Positano, Italy

There’s a scene in the movie Only You where Marisa Thomei runs down a flight of stairs to dinner in an angelic white frock. This surmises Positano: stairs, and lots of them. Clusters of houses fit like honeycombs above the mountainous face bordering the beach, with the shore peppered with pebbles. Grab an ice cream and watch the sun gently embrace the sea.

Paris, France

Have you ever seen the film La Vie en Rose depicting the life of Edith Piaf? The soundtrack sets the mood for Paris. It’s enchanting, romantic, charming and anything synonymous with a heavenly dream. Streets are lined with cafes adorned with wicker chairs sat on by Parisians consuming croissants and coffee. Houses are stapled together like matchboxes and fit methodically with each street they line. It’s not one to live in, but it is one to visit. It’s one see to be believed and definitely a must-visit for all fashion lovers.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The closest overseas destination to home can be seen as the most majestic of them all. Low lying clouds flirt with the ocean on crisp mornings only to be lifted by the sun burning them away for a glistening day. Rent a van and travel the island with friends to be woken up by the sound of native birds singing in the morning and fall asleep under the stars that only the Southern Hemisphere are fortunate enough to call their own.

Phuket, Thailand

Crystal clear waters glistening under the sun, and not too far from Australia, Phuket presents a quick summer getaway in the middle of winter. The climate is ideal for clearing the head and sparking inspiration for future travels.

New York, USA

It’s loud, it’s busy and it can be overwhelming, but New York is one place that every person should visit as an escape from reality. Buildings rise from the pavement, saturating the skyline with skyscrapers and offices. Then there’s the view of the park, the abundant greenery in the middle of a working city, ideal for an afternoon picnic or stroll. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and embrace the city that never sleeps, at least once in a lifetime.

Photography by Sonia Blair, Michael Wilcock, Sophie Dunstone and Tiffany Copley.




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