Jade Rollers: Are They Worth It?

Traditionally used in China for centuries, jade rollers have only recently taken off as a beauty must-have in the Western world, and they’re definitely here to stay. The skincare tool is used to cool, tighten, depuff, and smooth skin. It stimulates lymph drainage (which increases circulation to release toxins), promotes cell turnover and improves elasticity. Jade rollers are anti aging and can also work to improve certain health issues, such as clearing up congestion, calming swelling and redness, and relieving pain of tension headaches.

Jade rollers are most loved for their ability to fake a good night’s rest. They’re great for getting rid of those under eye bags come morning, and some jade rollers are dual ended with a smaller roller to target this area. Using a facial roller is a quick workout for your face (if only working out your body was this easy!) and after consistent use the texture and tone of your skin will improve dramatically.

So how do you use one? With broad sweeping strokes, gently move the roller in upwards and outwards motions across your face and décolleté. Use the roller on cleansed skin – you can also use with a face oil or serum to reduce friction, while also helping it to penetrate the skin. For best results, keep your roller in the fridge so that it will stay cooler for longer when applying to the face. Massaging your skin with a face roller is meditative and relaxing – it’s the ultimate self-care and the perfect way to end a day.

When it comes to buying a jade roller, the heavier the better – make sure it’s carved from genuine jade. A dual ended jade roller will also give you the flexibility to target specific areas of your face. Facial rollers are also available as rose quartz, which is used in many self-care rituals as the crystal promotes love. To help narrow down your search, we’ve listed some of our favourites below.

Yu Ling Rollers Jade Facial Roller 


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Lux Aestiva Jade Face Roller


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The Lab Organics 


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Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller 


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Venustus Jade Roller 


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Mount Lai The Jade Roller


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White Lotus Rose Quartz Roller Face Massager 


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Header image via @luxaestiva.




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