Welcome to the Sukha Life

We live in a fast-pace world, where time is precious and bad foods are a quick and easy fix. Lucky for us, nutrient-rich food programs are becoming more readily available, providing us with convenient, stress-free food options that are jam-packed with nutrients and all the good stuff to keep you going.

Let us introduce you to Sukha Life, a clean, whole, plant-rich, superfood diet – delivered straight to you! We chat to Sukha Life’s founders Amy and Elle about their inspiration behind their business, and how they have designed a program to make you look and feel amazing.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves Amy and Elle?
We’re a dynamic duo – we love fitness, fashion and food. We love a good coffee, a wine with our girls and we’re ready to disrupt the wellness industry.

What inspired you to join forces to create Sukha Life?
We both had such a huge passion for health and wellbeing and felt strongly about making a contribution to the health industry by the way we eat, view our food and our bodies.

Have you both always had a love for food and nutrition?
Yes! We’re obsessed! Elle is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer while Amy is studying nutritional medicine and is a certified holistic health coach.

What can we expect from the Sukha Life program?
You can expect to feel lighter, leaner, more energy, glowing skin and a healthier relationship with food. We view food as medicine, so all of our meals are designed to enhance the body’s natural healing process along with giving you a vibrancy that you didn’t know existed.

We don’t serve anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves, which is clean, whole, natural botanical based ingredients. We base each meal around our nutrition pillars to ensure we’re eating the rainbow, getting adequate hydration – not just from water but our food too! – healthy fats, plant protein, lots of greens and most importantly, love!

What are some recipes we can look forward to in the Sukha Life menu?
We’re all about balance, so although we design everything with health in mind, we don’t want you to feel like you’re missing out, think waffles, decedent smoothie bowls, apple cinnamon pancakes, Mexican bowls, raw lasagne and burgers and sweet potato fries!





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