Why You Should Be Washing Your Face Twice

Ever wash your face before bed, only to wake up with makeup residue on your pillow the next morning? Pretty gross, huh? That’s because a single wash isn’t always enough to take off layers of primer, foundation, concealer and powder, okay let’s face it, there’s a lot of layers to take off! Luckily, double cleansing has got you covered.

Start by washing your face with a cleansing oil, and follow up with a regular face wash for a (really) cleansed face. It’s pretty simple stuff, but why is it so much better than singular cleansing? Let us explain.

The cleansing oil helps to remove the top layer of dirt, excess makeup, grime and dead skin – all of the gross stuff that gets left on your skin after a long day. Oil cleansers are gentle on your skin and won’t leave you with clogged pores or dry skin, making it a perfect pre-cleanser. Massage your favourite cleansing oil into dry skin before removing with warm water. Now that all of the nasty stuff is gone, your cleanser can get to work actually cleansing your skin, thus leaving you with clearer, breakout-free skin every day.

Why You Should Be Washing Your Face Twice




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