Vaseline Beauty Hacks

So, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (aka Vaseline)  is pretty much the most versatile beauty product on the planet, from lip balm to opening a stuck bottle of nail polish, this master product is truly life changing. Here at CLIQUE Mag, we thought we’d celebrate its many uses by compiling a list of our favourite Vaseline beauty hacks.

Removing Lash Glue: Smudging some Vaseline on your lash line will loosen and dissolve your lash glue, making your falsies easier to remove and less damaging to your lashes.

Highlighting: Get a natural glow by dabbing a small (really small) amount of Vaseline on your cheekbones, cupids bow and any other place you’d apply a highlighter for a super natural highlighting effect.

Taming Brows: Vaseline doubles as a brow gel when you’re in a pinch, so apply a tiny amount of it to unruly brows to keep them in order.

Painting Nails: If you’re like us and suck at painting your own nails, use Vaseline as a guard against nail polish spillage on your cuticles and the edge of your nail bed for a salon-worthy manicure.

Exfoliating: Mix Vaseline with sugar to create a DIY sugar scrub for your lips and body for an all-over exfoliating effect.

Moisturising: Apply Vaseline to your lips for a quick pick-me-up when you can’t find your favourite lip balm.

DIY Cosmetics: Turn your favourite loose pigments into cream eyeshadows, blushes or lip colours by mixing them with a small amount of Vaseline.

Enhancing Serums: Place a small amount of Vaseline over your favourite under-eye serum to enhance it’s effects. By preventing the product from evaporating or smudging off your skin,Vaseline acts as a top coat for your favourite serums.

What are some of your favourite uses of Vaseline? Share them with us on Instagram or Twitter by hash tagging #jointheclique and tagging us @cliquemagau.




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