Utonic: The drink you have to add to your daily routine today

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of our demanding schedules all while trying to maintain a healthy mind and body. It can all be a bit much sometimes but brace yourselves for the solution: Utonic aka the ultimate addition to your everyday diet.

These 100% natural, scientifically blended beverages are your knight in shining armour when it comes to looking after yourself. Whether it’s giving you that afternoon boost, helping you recover from a big night or acting as stress reliever after a hard day at work – these super power drinks are designed to help you.

Co-founders Toby Yap, Leigh Morgan, Tyson Goldsack and Michael Brinkley had a primary vision “to create and promote a healthier body and mind through naturally great tasting drinks that are scientifically designed for living life”. With a team comprised of sports nutritionists, professional athletes and beverage industry leaders, they set out to research functional foods that could look after physical and mental health without any unnatural side effects.

But what exactly is a ‘functional’ drink? These bad boys contain real food that have been proven to provide your body with nutrients and are designed to help you take control of how you feel, without preservatives, chemical highs or one too many coffees. Think ingredients like turmeric and ginger for their anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea repsectively or sour cherry for its natural melatonin to aid restful sleep.

We can all relate to the days when no amount of coffee, sugary treats or carb-heavy temptations get you through the 9-5, and it’s also these days we find it very easy to reach for that glass of red. This however isn’t the path to a healthy mind and body, and the creative team behind Utonic have worked hard to turn your bad habits into healthy ones.

“We wanted to come up with a system to manage stress and anxiety, boost positive energy, motivation and heal fatigue.” says creative director, Tyson.

The best thing about Utonic – apart from its healing abilities – is that it is 100% Australian owned, created and manufactured as well as gluten, dairy and soy free. With three versatile drinks to choose from – Utonic Charge, Utonic Calm and Utonic Repair – do yourself a favour, ditch the coffee and sweets and take the next step into a healthier, happier life.

Learn more and check out the full range at utonic.com.




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