Turn Camping Into Glamping

Image via Eluxe Magazine

Sometimes the thought of leaving the comfort of our home and swapping for a tent makes us cringe – that’s why we’ve worked out how to do camping in style (eg. Glamping).

We’ve turned to some our favourite homeware spots who can help us turn our tent (or teepee) into an oasis you won’t want to leave.

Sleepee Teepee Tent

You need to start with a shelter, but why not step it up a notch (or 10!) with one of Sleepee TeePee’s ultimate tents. This Adelaide-based company has you covered (quite literally) and are perfect for propping up in your backyard.



To set the bohemian vibes, head straight to bochia.com.au. Cover the walls, floors and bed with their various mandala and unique throws and get ready to get comfy with their embroided pillows.

IKEA PS 2017

IKEA have just launched their limited edition PS 2017 collection that’s filled with all your glamping needs. We needed these items in our lives pre-Falls Festival! There’s foldable furniture, a USB powered torch and even a blanket that folds into a pillow a “Quillow”.

Throw with cushion cover, $39.95

LED multi-use lighting, $34.95

2-seat foldable sofa, $229


Definitely our go-to when looking for affordable homewares and everything else in between! Kmart will have you sleeping in comfort on their queen-size inflatable mattress. Then cover the ground with their selection of floor cushions.

Glamping Day Bed, $59

Floor cushion, $10




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