Trending Now: The Buzz Cut

There’s a trend that’s ever so slowly overtaking our streets. We’re not talking about the ‘East London short back and sides’ style of hair currently seen on most men between the ages of 20 and 35 in Adelaide. We’re talking about women taking the plunge and shaving their heads, we’re talking about the buzz cut.

You could argue it all started with Sinead O’Connor in the late ’80s. She is the archetype for female shaved heads and possibly the best person to ever pull of the look. Then there was Sigourney Weaver with a bald ‘do’ in the often overlooked 1992 film Alien 3. Let’s not forget Cate Blanchett in Heaven shaving her head on screen back in ‘02. Natalie Portman followed suit in V for Vendetta in 2006 and model Agyness Deyn reignited the trend in 2010. Agyness largely appealed to a broader audience and was the catalyst for many to be brave and take it all off. Other notable ‘baldies’ include musician Jessie J and Alek Wek.

Let’s be clear, it’s not a trend for everyone. Many factors come in to play when contemplating a head shave. Jawline is paramount, the look lends itself to more chiseled features. And egg-heads need not apply. Then there’s fashion choices. Although, it can create a nice juxtaposition when paired with florals and other feminie garb, usually the look is better suited to a more masculine aesthetic. Don’t be disheartened though, it must be liberating to chop it all off. You can hide behind hair, and there is surely a sense of freedom in exposing yourself so boldly. Imagine never again having to pay for a haircut, forget spending hundreds on hair painting or keratin treatments. Not to mention the ease of getting ready every morning. Just get up and go, down with hair brushes! It’s the ultimate guaranteed good hair day.

There is a general consensus that the buzz cut can make you appear manly. Although androgynous in spirit, the cut has a softening, surprisingly girly effect on most faces, bringing all of the focus to features, highlighting eyes, cheekbones, and other characteristics that define us as women. There’s an element of empowerment that accompanies the shave also.  A close crop non-verbally communicates that you are a woman not to be messed with. A woman who isn’t going to ask for permission. And if you are thinking of lopping it all off, why not go the extra mile and cut for a cause? You can sign up for the World’s Greatest Shave all year round and there are events undoubtedly near you on the reg. So “be brave and shave”.




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