Trend Report: The Low Bun

Feeling a little tired of your go-to up do? The ponytail wearing you down? Or the gym plaits a bit passé for your daily ensemble? There’s a new trend taking the world by storm and it’s probably how your style your hair when you’re outputting the least effort.

Let’s talk about the lazy bun. The relaxed-but-chic, casual-yet-classic hairdo that takes little to no effort in order to pull it off. It’s rise back to prominence as a trend comes from the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, on her outings after her engagement to Prince Harry, with the former actress even donning the do on her wedding day! Two strands at the front and the rest clasped at the back, the look is as simple as they come.

Still need some convincing as to why you should give it a go for your hair? We think we’ve got that covered.


Yep, it really is easy. All you need is a hair tie, a bobby pin or two in case of emergency and hair in any condition possible. Dry? Put it in a bun. Oily? Up it goes! Exceptionally soft? You know what to do by now.


The look allows you to show off your facial features without your hair acting as a frame for your face. Instead of your locks being the focal point, your eyes can pop, cheekbones are accentuated and, most importantly, your smile takes centre stage.


Not that you need the approval of royalty for your daily hair choices, but it is nice to see that a simple up-do is recognised as a stylistic choice for members of the monarchy. Even if your own up do doesn’t always come with a tiara from Queen Mary, the Queen Mother. Maybe one day.


Sometimes the ponytail can be too casual, the plait too youthful and the curls too Prom Queen. The bun is the ultimate alternative to these options as it presents a look that can take you to the office in the morning and to the dancefloor in the evening. It’s simply that versatile.




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