Trend Report: Belt Bags

Image via @nikitadmadhani

Yep, the 80s icon is back but with slightly more class. What was once known as the bum bag or fanny pack has quickly changed to the ‘belt bag’. This is probably to reassure that it’s actually trending again (because no one can quite believe it), but also because most of these bags actually feature a belt loop and buckle.

NYFW was inundated with belt bags, and it seems that the most popular way to wear them is around your waist, belting your blazer or coat, with the bag worn at the front either in the middle or slightly on the side. And the trend just kept on giving at London Fashion Week, with Gucci belt bags in red, pink and black everywhere you look. It begs the question: are you really living if you don’t own a Gucci belt bag?

Of course we have our much beloved celebs to blame. With names like Bella and Gigi Hadid as well as Kendall Jenner sporting a belt bag, what’s there left to do than climb on board the trend? It’s true that belt bags have become the next big high-end fashion statement. Much like the Gucci belt, only this one is slightly more practical. But we totally get that not everyone can fork out for the Gucci, so we’ve compiled a list of some very good competitors (as well as the Gucci, obviously we couldn’t help ourselves).

Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Leather Belt Bag 


Shop here.

State Parkville Leather Crosby Belt Bag 


 Shop here.

Stitch & Hide Bailey Hip Bag 


Shop here.

Dylan Kain The Mossy Mini Belt Bag Light Gold 


Shop here.

See By Chloé 


Shop here.

Verge Girl Electric Ground Bum Bag Clear 


Shop here.

The Daily Edited Black Belt Bag 


Shop here.

Theory Suede Belt Bag


Shop here.

Tony Bianco Nate Black Crystal Shine


 Shop here.




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