Road Test: Trefiel Lace Hydromasks

With everyone jumping on the Korean sheet mask beauty trend, it was only a matter of time before an Australian beauty brand added it into their mix.

Enter: Trefiel who landed in the beauty market last year with a range of affordable and effective lace hydrogel sheet face masks.

After the runaway success of the original Moisturising sheet mask, Trefiel launched three new incredible formulas designed to soothe every skin concern and provide the perfect indulgence for every woman out there — Firming, Brightening and Repairing.

The founders, Lucy Bloomfield and Michael Tremeer, went into the venture with the aim to empower the modern day woman to spend time on herself and enable her to invest in her skincare routine without breaking the bank.

We decided to take five to give these masks a go, with a cup of tea in hand of course.

When taking it out of the packaging there are noticeable differences compared to other sheet masks we’ve tried previously. It has a very moist gel texture, comes in two halves and has a cute black lace pattern.

When you place it onto your face, it has a refreshing, cool sensation and is quite slippery which makes it easy to manoeuvre and sculpt to the face but after time is does start to slip down. We highly recommend fully relaxing and laying horizontally while using these hydrogel masks.

After 20 minutes or so, we removed the mask which was still very damp but surprisingly the left over residue on your face dries quickly and leaves your face feeling extra smooth and moisturised.

After a few days the smooth skin feeling  is still present — especially from the Firming mask — and we now plan on incorporating Trefiel masks into our weekly skincare regime to keep it up!

Want to try them for yourself? We’ve teamed up with Trefiel to giveaway 1x New You Pack valued at $32.95. Simply enter here.




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