Top 5 travel tips you need to know before you jet off

So earlier this year, we said that 2018 would be the year of travel. The world is more accessible than ever and there are so many amazing places to see. But whether it’s your tenth stint overseas, or your first time leaving our shores, there are some things you need to consider before you jet off on that big trip.

We sat down with our friends from Peregrine Travel Centre SA to brainstorm a list of things you need to check off before you jump on the plane.

Buy travel insurance

Look, this seems like a straightforward one but it’s amazing how many people actually choose to forego it. Yes, we know it seems like another cost on top of your holiday cost and yes, it can be overwhelming trying to compare all the different deals and coverage you can get from different companies but you will be so grateful if something bad does happen overseas – it can end up saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars! Peregrine Travel can help you sift through the different offers on the market to get the right one for you and your trip, and if something does happen to go wrong your they can assist you with any claims when you return.

Read Peregrine’s Travel Insurance tips.

Get your travel documents in order

We’re pretty lucky because the Australian passport will get us to a lot of awesome destinations around the world without the worry of a visa. But, there are still some popular places that you’ll need apply for a visa to visit – even the USA requires an official visa waiver – and even some experiences that need to be pre-booked (remember those Inca Trail permits we talked about last time). Luckily if you book through the guys at Peregrine, they’ll be able to tell you what you’ll need, when you need to get it and help with any difficult application forms. Also, don’t forget to bring photocopies of important travel docs and especially of your passport with you!

Get to know your destination(s)

We get that the point of going on your holiday is to discover a whole new part of the world and it can be fun to just throw yourself into the city. But there are a few things you can look into before you go – think simple phrases like ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in the country’s native language, specific laws and even just foods to try while you’re there. The experienced team at Peregrine have travelled to all 7 continents between them, so not only are they a wealth of knowledge who can answer any of your questions, but they can also offer you advice and help you with booking an authentic group tour or experience to get the most out of your holiday, such as a cooking class or Market tour day trip.

Figure out how you’re going to keep in touch

Once you leave our borders, those Australian SIM cards basically become invalid. There are some providers who now offer a daily charge to roam internationally but if you’re on a long trip, not only are you paying for the daily charge but also just burning through your data from home. You could buy a local SIM card – local providers are more than happy to help tourists with a prepaid plan – but this could mean that you can’t use it cross-country. So, your best bet might be to buy a pre-paid travel SIM before you leave that can be used in all your destinations.

 Money, money, money.

Every trip revolves around it and each trip differs depending on how much you’re willing to spend. But whether you’re travelling on a budget or going for an all out experience, you need to make sure you make the most of your money. It’s best to load it onto a travel card – Peregrine can sort you out with one when you book your holiday. This means you’ll be loaded with the currency you need and ready to go once you get there. It’s also probably a good idea to have some local currency on you when you get there in case of a lack of ATMs (and don’t forget about those pesky ATM fees either, which you can sometimes avoid with a travel card!)

The friendly team at Peregrine Travel Centre SA can help you with all your travel needs, whether you’re after a group tour, flights, independent travel, travel insurance or more. Their experienced consultants have travelled all over the world and are more than happy to offer their tips and advice for travel to all destinations. Contact them to find out more or like them on Facebook or Instagram for some travel inspiration.

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