Top 5 travel destinations and tours that are perfect for foodies

If you’re anything like us, food is a deciding factor for a lot of what we do, especially when it comes to travel. Have you truly experienced your destination if you haven’t immersed yourself in the local food culture? We don’t think so!

It comes as no surprise that you can now solely book your travel around food, or at least spend a good part of it eating your way through the country. The great thing about joining in these small tours is that the price is inclusive of the food experiences, transport and accommodation so you don’t have to worry about anything once you’ve locked it down – the hardest part is to choose where to go.

So we thought we’d put together a list – with a little help from our friends at Peregrine Travel Centre SA – of the top five foodie destinations to head to this year as well as some great tours that the guys can help you in organising.


So Morocco made our list of Top 10 Travel Destinations earlier this year for its incredible medinas and souks, and of course the super Instagram-able blue city, Chefchaouen. But here it is again, this time for its delicious tagines, slow cooked meats and exotic spices. Why not get the team at Peregrine to book you in for the ‘Morocco Food Explorer’, which will take you on tours of the souks, a picnic beside ancient ruins, a night under the stars at a desert camp and even to the blue city for a home cooked meal? Travel across this beautiful country, stay in a beautiful riad (which is included in the tour price) and eat your way through it too.

From $2,495 – more info available here.

Sri Lanka

This little Asian gem is arguably 2018’s hottest travel destination thanks to its ability to offer beautiful white sand beaches but also deep jungle resorts. It’s no surprise the food is delicious as well. Drawing inspiration from neighbouring Northern and Southern Indian cuisine as well as hints of influence from former European colonists, there’s a little bit of everything in Sri Lanka. And the same goes for the Peregrine-approved ‘Bite Size Break – Colombo’ tour, which is an affordable short option that will introduce you to the island’s capital with everything from eating delicate treats in the Pettah Bazaar to riding tuk tuks and learning to cook your own Sri Lankan meal.

From $495 – more info available here.


While still so delicious, we feel like Thai and Vietnamese now fall into the very well-known part of Asian cuisine. So this year, why not try neighbouring Cambodia? Leave any preconceived notions about the foodie resemblance to the aforementioned countries behind and get ready to experience a whole different flavour palette with a ‘Cambodia Real Food Adventure’. Because of their love for pepper to spice up dishes, the tour includes a visit to their famous pepper plantations in Kampot before you head to a village for the real homestay and home cooked meal experience. That being said, a stop in Thailand and Vietnam sounds pretty great as well and Peregrine can also help you add a few more Asian pit stops while you’re there.

Now on sale from $1,271 – more info available here.


If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you’ll know that most of what we’re eating here doesn’t even come close to the real deal. Imagine a tour that will throw you right into the culture and food depths of Mexico and take your across the country too. Look no further than a Mexico Real Food Adventure which will take you on a taco crawl through the streets of Mexico City, let you sample local delicacies in Puebla and try mezcal right from the source in Oaxaca. Not to mention catching fresh fish to turn into ceviche which you’ll be enjoying on the country’s best beaches.

From $2,195 – more info available here.


If you don’t like pizza, then there’s seriously something wrong with you. All jokes aside though, Italy is the foodie’s dream but pizza and pasta are just the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention if you head there during the busier summer months, it’s hard to avoid the tourist traps. So why not go on an eight-day immersive ‘Italy Real Food Adventure’ experience that will take you from Venice to Rome, with stops into a farm stay in Tuscany to learn about wine and olive oil production, sampling real balsamic vinegar and of course, learn to cook your own Italian meal to impress your next dinner guests. Oh, and we’re sure the team at Peregrine will be more than happy to accommodate some more stops on your upcoming Euro vacay as well.

From $2,850 – more info available here.

The friendly team at Peregrine Travel Centre SA can help you with all your travel needs, whether you’re after a group tour, flights, independent travel, travel insurance or more. Their experienced consultants have travelled all over the world and are more than happy to offer their tips and advice for travel to all destinations. Contact them to find out more or like them on Facebook or Instagram for some travel inspiration.

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