Toner: The forgotten step in your beauty routine

Lather, rinse, repeat? It’s a little more complicated than that- a bit more like scrub, cleanse, tone, moisturise. Yet, there’s one step in that process that most of us tend to forget despite its importance in a healthy and conducive skincare regime: the face toner.

The benefits of a face toner are abundant with the fourth step of a daily face routine fantastic for nourishing skin a little more generously. Toner gives the skin a pH balance after its acidity levels being interrupted through cleansing. Without the use of a toner skin is required to strain in restoring a natural balance, yet using a toner rectifies this.

Toner is also proven to shrink pores, aid in moisturising and refresh the skin through daily use. It adds a protective barrier through tightening cell gaps, reducing the introduction of impurities and contaminants that can disrupt the skin. It is recommended for all skin types to invest in a quality face toner with alcohol-free formulae favoured to keep a dewy, supple complexion.

For prime application, apply straight after cleansing with a cotton pad followed by a moisturiser. Voila! You’re one step closer to radiant skin. Here are our favourite toners to get you on the right track.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Toner, $43

Kiehl’s Ultra Face Toner, $33

Kate Sommerville Clarifying Treatment Toner, $37

NARS Multi-Action Hydrating Toner, $46

La Mer The Tonic, $112




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