To Cut, Or Not To Cut

They say a girl who cuts her hair is about to change her life, but there’s no denying that cutting your hair is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly – unless you’re having an existential crisis and do a Britney and shave it all off. Firstly, there’s the throng of options that you face when you decide to chop it off. Long bobs, posh bobs, tousled waves, curly strands. Sometimes it becomes too overwhelming and you’re back where you started: confused and emotionally drained.

In winter, it is easily seen that many women have decided that for the colder months a short crop is perfect for them. But then there are girls who just can’t bring themselves to leave their tousled, sun kissed summer waves at the beach and are torn between holding onto what was instead of embracing a fresh change. Decisions, decisions.

Well, here’s something that might help with those decisions. We’ve compiled a definitive list of reasons both for and against cutting your hair this winter.


PRO: It’s cheaper

Yes, shorter hair is much easier on the budget than longer locks. As you literally have less hair to wash in the shower, you’re using less product and therefore are having to spend less on shampoos and conditioners. If your hair is coloured then it’s also going to cost less to dye every month because it doesn’t extend past your collar bones and so the hairdresser isn’t having to conjure up another mix of dye every 10 centimetres.

CON: There are less styling options

Or should we say simple styling options. Sure, you can add some volume with a sea spray or dry shampoo but it’s not everything. Say goodbye to the side bun! Despite being effortlessly stylish on its own, cutting the hair also means cutting out some of your favourite go-to hairstyles. The high pony? Gone. The messy up-do? Gone. The curls that don’t make you look like Shirley Temple? Gone.

PRO: The upkeep is a saviour from above

Goodbye knots, hello silky softness! After months and months of long hair hanging off of your head, you’ll soon notice that the occasional massive knot that would crop up is no longer an option in your chic do! When showering, it won’t take you five minutes to ensure that every section of hair has been treated because it’ll slip right through with ease. You’ll never tear a shoulder muscle again.

CON: The (possible) regret when you’re growing it out again

Every girl reaches a point when growing short hair out where they utter the words “I hate this length” and it’s at this point the regrets set in. You cannot, really, regret long hair because it’s accumulated over time but you can regret a cut. Hopefully, it’s not the case, but be aware that it happens!

PRO: It looks healthier

Because you’ll need it trimmed regularly while short, the hair will look healthier and rejuvenated than when longer. Especially when chopped into a blunt cut, the hair will look thicker and fuller at the bottom and shiny throughout.




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