The Rundown on Color Run

They say it’s the happiest 5km and they aren’t wrong! The perfect combination of fun, colour and fitness – like you’ve entered Rainbow Road in Mario Kart and there is no chance of you falling off the track!

Color Run is an all-ages, all-fitness and every kinda person event that leaves you happier and slightly more colourful when you reach the end.

The Rundown

Before the event began we received our colour run event kits in the mail, which included all the necessities – Official Color Run T-shirt, sweat-band, temporary tattoos and of course one tropical lei (a perfect addition to any Sunday morning running attire).

The morning began with a pre-race Zumba class in the Color Run Village which helped get everyone excited, warmed-up and slightly more latino to begin the run. The course stretched for 5 kilometres over the beautiful Victoria Park and included five different colour zones. As we passed through each zone, colour throwers bathed us from head to toe in coloured powder making us look more like a rainbow the further we ran.

My favourite was the all-new Tropicolor Zone™ which decorated us in an array of colours while also bathing us in delicious island scents – perfect for anyone that was feeling smelly nearing the end of the run! A course highlight was also the Foam Zone which created a field of foamy bubbles to frolic our newly painted rainbow bodies in.

Before we knew it we had ran, walked, skipped and danced our way through the 5km Color Run Course while also finding the solution for anyone who hates cardio. I’m just hoping the Color Run entourage will follow me on my next run!

The fun didn’t stop at the end of the course. We were gifted with a medal and treated to the Finish Festival where we danced among multiple colour throwers leaving us looking like a rainbow lorikeet and feeling the happiest we have ever felt after a lengthy morning run.

Hot tips

– Try to avoid opening your mouth as you go through the colour zones – the colours don’t taste as pretty as they look.

– Get creative – plan a costume before you arrive. Anything from tutus, to coloured leggings, wigs and novelty outfits. I even saw a unicorn!

– Leave your latest matching Lululemon outfit for the gym. While the coloured powder can wash out I wouldn’t risk your favourite #activewear outfit or shoes getting ruined!

– Leave the sprint finish for the City to Bay, this is a fun all-ages event. Have some fun, run, walk, skip or dance your way through the course. Dancing to bongo drums counts as cardio right?

– Pack a poncho for the ride home. Rainbow car seats should stay in Barbie’s convertible.




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