The Low Down on Beauty Sponges

The makeup world has been revolutionised by beauty sponges since the launch of the BeautyBlender in 2007, and for good reason (these sponges are magical!) After winning a bunch of awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty award (six times!), the BeautyBlender sparked a worldwide madness. Since then, beauty sponges of all different shapes and sizes have found their way into the cosmetics bags of makeup artists, beauty editors, models and average-joes around the world.

In its short lifetime, the beauty sponge has quickly become the go-to tool for blending, contouring, highlighting and stippling needs of makeup enthusiasts, but what exactly makes this tear-dropped shaped wonder so great? Here at CLIQUE Mag we’ve done our research to give you the lowdown on all things spongey.

Benefits of beauty sponges

Beauty sponges are the perfect tool for travelling, as they have many different uses from applying primer to blending out your cream contour, a few of our favourite uses for makeup sponges include:

– applying self tanner
– highlighting/strobing
cream contouring
– removing excess powder from your face

Brushes vs Sponges

If you’ve never tried a beauty sponge, you’re probably pretty skeptical of the whole idea, especially if you’ve already got your ride-or-die brush kit. Hear us out because adding a beauty sponge to your makeup kit could really change your life (or at least your makeup).

A beauty sponge won’t replace your beloved brush kit, but it will add versatility to your makeup regime. Unlike brushes, makeup sponges press your foundation into your skin, rather than swiping across the surface, thus resulting in a more natural, ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Unfortunately a makeup sponge is unlikely to give you a full-coverage flawless look like a great stippling brush, but it’s perfect for day-to-day light/medium coverage looks.

The other major benefit of the beauty sponge over the makeup brush is its versatility, with dozens of different uses in one tiny product. If you’ve ever travelled with a giant brush roll, you probably know how much space they can take up, so a beauty sponge is a perfect alternative for your next holiday.

Getting the most out of your beauty sponge

Much like brushes, beauty sponges’ lifespan depends on their quality and level of care given. In simple terms, the more you clean and care for your sponge, the longer it will last and the better it will work. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your makeup sponges:

Dampen your sponge before applying liquid products to avoid unnecessary absorption. This will minimise the amount of foundation used, thus saving you money that can be spent on other makeup goodies.

Clean your sponge after every use to avoid harbouring harmful bacteria in your sponge, which can give you nasty breakouts!

Always use a cleanser designed for beauty sponges like BeautyBlender’s Blendercleanser. These products are more expensive than facial cleanser or shampoo, but will do a far better job of cleaning and sanitising your sponge than the cheaper alternatives.

Allow your sponges to dry thoroughly to avoid mould. Ensure your sponges are left to dry in a well air-circulated area, not in a closed makeup bag!

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