The Flying Fig Delicatessen

Whilst North Adelaide makes a strong culinary comeback, there’s always been very little to take people seeking a feed west of O’Connell St. That’s all changing with the opening of Jewish Deli, The Flying Fig Delicatessen. On a recent trip to the US, owner Paul Serafin fell in love with the Jewish Delis that were making a resurgence. Seeing an opportunity, he brought the concept back here, found an old building, settled in and got to work. Paul, with over 30 years experience in hospitality, laboured over several weeks with his team of chefs to develop and refine a menu that is as close to authentic Jewish fare as possible. It seems to have worked, with Paul genuinely surprised by The Flying Fig’s booming popularity.

The heritage listed building has been transformed inside by Patrick Caroscio of DesignThink into a space that pays homage to New York’s traditional Jewish Delis. It’s a welcome departure from the generous use of timber that most new venues seem to be employing. Sean Kane Designs developed the graphics, with a throwback American diner feel exemplified with the old-school menu design and layout.

It wasn’t enough to just serve the food from a Jewish Deli, Paul was determined to make as much of it in-house. Passionately following a simple philosophy, Paul explains that “while this food may not be perceived to be healthy, our belief is that anything made in-house is healthy and good for you”. From smoking the ingredients to even making their own soft drinks, it’s a very hand on approach for the whole team.

With a big menu, it can always be hard to decide. When asked about the staff favourite, Paul’s response came without hesitation.

“Without a doubt the pastrami on rye made NY style, made and smoked in-house.”

161 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide

Photography by Duy Dash.




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