The Five Fashion Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To Now

Do you catch the train alone every day? Do you drive to work and need something refreshing to start your morning? Perhaps you want something to accompany you with breakfast on a Sunday morning. Whatever it is, a good podcast is going to be your new best friend.

The podcast hype has been looming for the past few years with many media personalities and bloggers delving into the world of the spoken word all to interest their followers with satirical conversations and easy-listening episodes. With most podcasts releasing new material each week there’s always something fresh for listeners.

So since there’s so many out there, just where does one start! Never fear, team CLIQUE have rounded out the top five fashion podcasts for you to hit subscribe on.

1. Oh Boy by Man Repeller
Episodes are hosted by Man Repeller’s film maker Jay Bium and feature the ‘cool women’ of the world ranging from author Amy Odell and it-girl Alexa Chung. The perfect mix of inspiring women and down to earth humour!

2. What I Wore When by Glamour Magazine
What I Wore When takes the listener into a world where designers and editors share the back story to outfits worn during their life, detailing the power of style and the women who have expressed it throughout the years.

3. Moma Talks
Artists and curators from the Museum of Modern Art in New York gather once a week to discuss modern and contemporary art ranging from a quick 30 minute interview to a three hour chat.

4. Follow Sports Like a Girl
Contrasting from the other three podcasts mentioned, Follow Sports Like a Girl is a weekly podcast by Jocelyn Seip and Freya Logan where the dynamic duo chat all things sports – with a penchant for AFL – like girls do. It’s not saturated in broadcaster lingo and the pair add their own feminine spin to sports.

5. The Beauty Brains
Beauty Brains is all about cosmetic scientists answering the big questions relating to the chemicals in cosmetics, how products are tested and advertising. Every day the beauty world seems to be introducing consumers to new products claiming them to be the ‘new best things’ so this podcast is perfect for sieving the fab from the fab!

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