The Base Debate: Crash Course In Foundation

When it comes to foundations, there are about a thousand different options from powders to liquids, foams to sticks, and let’s not forget BB creams. Choosing a colour, formula and type of foundation to suit your needs seems like a pretty daunting task, right? Wrong. Here at CLIQUE Mag, we’ve a tonne of research on this to give you the lowdown on all things foundation.

Liquid: This is the most versatile foundation option, with various formulas including oil-free, waterproof, super stay, sheer or full-coverage, which means that you can almost definitely find a liquid foundation to suit your skin type and budget.


Powder: Powder foundation is great for combatting oiliness, which is great for those of you with normal-oily skin, but not so much for drier complexions. A major benefit of powder foundation is their compact packaging, which makes them super portable and convenient.


Mousse: Mousse foundation is essentially a ‘whipped’ version of a typical liquid foundation, making it lightweight and matte. This means it’s the perfect option for most skin types, but is especially great for people with dry or ageing skin because it has a smooth appearance, which prevents it looking ‘cakey’.


Stick: Stick foundation is a perfect ‘on-the-go’ option for foundation, as it doesn’t spill in your purse and offers a full-coverage, which is perfect for covering blemishes. This is a good option for people with normal or oily skin because it can become ‘cake’ on drier or mature skin.


BB Cream: BB creams are basically an all-in-one solution to makeup and skincare. They usually contain a moisturiser, SPF, anti-ageing properties and sheer-coverage foundation, which means they’re much better for your skin than an average foundation, however, they have a lighter coverage and generally require a pressed powder on top to prevent oiliness.


What is your favourite type of foundation? Do you have any must-have foundations? Share them with us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #jointheclique or tagging us @CliqueMagAU.




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