The 4 Swimwear Styles of 2019

As Summer has well and truly approached, it’s time for Aussies to make one of the hardest decisions… aka picking new bathers.

Every year we struggle to find the perfect swimwear. Will it be a strapless kini? Or a full set this year? We have narrowed it down to our 4 favourite styles to suit the everyday beach babe.


You can’t go wrong with a classic polka dot bikini. Polka dots stay in fashion every year meaning this style can sit in the wardrobe for the next few Summers. Halter necks are super feminine and great for creating a balanced effect. This style is workable for many body types and great for the blessed with the bust.


High-waist bikinis are a classic. Think back to the 1950’s and embracing the hour glass look. This style is great for the girl who isn’t afraid to embrace her curves and show off a bit of skin. The best thing about this style is you can mix and match your top and bottoms.


This screams school swimming class with a touch of chic. This style is designed to give you the freedom to swim in the water with no stress attached. P.E. Nation and Speedo have collaborated this Summer to bring us a sporty, yet gorgeous range.


Frills are playful, cute and a splash of colour is timely with the cheerful weather. Many of us stick to the standard black swimsuit, but this year we are spoilt for choice with many bold choices so we are less afraid to head to the bright side.




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