Tasting Australia to skip this whole terrible year, return in 2021

Annual culinary festival Tasting Australia won’t be back until next year, after COVID-19 restrictions forced the postponement of the 2020 festival back in March.

Originally slated to run from 27 March to April 5, the festival was one of the first local events to read the room and postpone as restrictions began to set in in March. While the plan was originally to shift the event to October, a statement today confirms that despite South Australia’s ever-accelerating COVID-19 timeline, the remaining uncertainty has prompted organisers to give this whole haunted year a miss.

Tasting Australia will now return in 2021, running from 30 April – 9 May, allowing hopefully enough time to pass for some semblance of pre-pandemic dining culture, interstate travel and public events to resume. It will also give Australia’s dining industry, which has taken a considerable whack over the past two months, a chance to put its best foot forward.

“While we can now see a path forward, it will take some time for our producers and businesses to get back on their feet,” festival director Simon Bryant said in a statement.

“From the outset of this crisis, we’ve been focused on how to best support the Tasting Australia community. I believe that delaying Tasting Australia to 2021 will give businesses the time they need to heal and rebuild, allowing them to fully leverage and engage with the festival – and to properly prepare for and embrace all its wonderful possibilities.”

Tasting Australia
30 April – 9 May 2021





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