Sweet Nectar Desserts

Delish dessert without the guilt? Sign us up any day. Responding to the demand for desserts that are as equally nutritious as they are delicious, Adelaide-born Sweet Nectar return with a twist this Spring. After a shift in business model, the whole food dessert company are back with a bang and a range of vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free treats in tow.

Previously Adelaide’s go-to for our every plant-based dessert need, Sweet Nectar are shaking things up with a new-look delivery service. Now shipping its eats and treats to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the sweet specialists’ still pride themselves on whole food desserts that are packed full of goodness and free from all of the nasty stuff.

A game changer for the sweet snackers amongst us, Sweet Nectar are shaking up our late-night cravings in a very good way.

To enjoy the nourishing goodies for yourself, just head online and select your six favourites and have them delivered directly to your door – simple! The desserts last for a week in the fridge or four months in the freezer and with shipping dates twice a month you’ll never run out of the ridiculously tasty treats.

Check out the full range below:

Berry Ripe: The collision of the classic Cherry Ripe, vegan goodies and a berry nice twist, the Berry Ripe sees crunchy chocolate biscuit layered with a berry coconut centre and topped creamy white chocolate, raw ganache, dark chocolate chunks and chocolate bark.

White Chocolate Raspberry: Indulgence at its finest, the White Chocolate Raspberry is stacked with lusciously smooth cheesecake, raspberry cream, chocolate ganache and white chocolate berry bark.

Cookie Dough: Inspired by everyone’s fave cooking pastime, Cookie Dough sees a crunchy chocolate biscuit topped with doughy vanilla cake, chocolate chunks throughout, ganache and an extra crisp cookie.

Lemon Blueberry: Citrus and berries meet as the Lemon Blueberry layers a vanilla biscuit base with a delicious lemon curd filling, white chocolate top, lashings of blueberry icing and cranberry chocolate bark.

Trix: Stacks on stacks on stacks, the Trix sees layers of crunchy vanilla biscuit, chewy caramel toffee and indulgent raw chocolate collide in a mouth-watering meeting of the classic dessert flavours.

Mango Citrus: Zesty and sweet, freshen up with the Mango Citrus’ vanilla biscuit base topped with a fruity mango, blood orange and raspberry filling.

Banana Split: Go retro with Sweet Nectar’s plant-based twist on the classic Banana Split as a crunchy chocolate biscuit base joins banana cream, gooey caramel and a chocolate cup for an indulgent trip down memory lane.

Caramel Crumble: Formerly known as Snickers, Caramel Crumble is back with a bang, this time with extra caramel fudge joining a vanilla biscuit base, raw chocolate ganache and topped with nut crumble.

Yumtella: A match made in heaven, chocolate and hazelnut collide for Yumtella as chocolate hazelnut fudge, smooth raw chocolate and a crunchy truffle sit atop a delicious chocolate biscuit base.

 Sweet Nectar desserts are available for purchase now for $45 + free delivery here





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