Swedish power plant burns H&M clothes

Fast fashion powerhouse, H&M, has never been associated with the term ‘eco-friendly’ but a power plant in Sweden is changing that. The plant, located in Västerås just northwest of Stockholm, is burning old H&M clothes instead of fossil fuels. The clothing from H&M is considered faulty and is unable to be sold, often containing mould and other defects.

Each year the fast fashion industry damages the environment with the extensive waste of resources. Its low quality and high turn around approach means that a majority of the clothes end up in landfill. Although not completely emission-free, burning these unfit clothes could be the alternative we’ve been looking for.

The plant has burned around 15 tons of discarded clothes from H&M this year and 400,000 tons of rubbish. Alike many Swedish companies, it has a strong focus on renewable and recycled fuels, with an aim to be fossil fuel free by 2020.

Sweden is leading the world in eliminating the use of fossil fuels, priding itself on its almost entirely emission free-power system.

Take note Australia.





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