Summertown Aristologist

New Adelaide Hills restaurant with some new age propositions, Summertown Aristologist takes a naturalistic approach to not only food, but also wines. Simply put, their wines are made with minimal intervention. It’s a concept by Anton Van Klopper, a pioneering natural winemaker behind the label Lucy Margaux. In on the project is Jasper Button of Commune of Buttons, another minimal intervention wine label and hospitality gun, Aaron Fenwick, part of the opening team at Restaurant Orana.

The fit-out is inspired by small wine bars Anton’s discovered during his travels through Europe, particularly those in Italy, France and Spain that have a community feel about them. It’s obvious when walking in the place is about people and the experience, with one large communal table, seating at the bar and a couple of small tables give you that instant interactive feel. Head below to the underground wine cellar that stocks not only Anton and Jasper’s labels, but a collection of minimal intervention wines from around the world – including a naturally produced sake, which, as Aaron puts it, is “as rare as hen’s teeth”.

Aptly placed in Summertown, it’s not only beautiful but also the most recognised region for natural wines in the country. The food is handled by Chef Tomas Edwards, where much of the same concept carries forward there, with most organically sourced locally in the Adelaide Hills. The ever-changing menu is very hands on, with most of the elements made in house from raw ingredients. There’s a perfectly harmonious balance with the whole experience. Come for the food, stay for the wine. Or come for the wine, stay for the food.

Finally, that ubiquitous name. Inspired by the memory of the Uraidla Aristologist, an Adelaide Hills food institution for 15 years, it exemplifies the idea of locality. Principles are being carried forward, as it’s not just the produce that’s sourced locally, but the crockery and glassware is made locally too. Even the tables are sourced from local timbers. It’s an institution made by the locals, for both locals and visitors alike.

1079 Greenhill Rd, Summertown

Photography by Duy Dash.




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