Summer in the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. It is a photographer’s paradise, right from the picturesque landscapes, crystal blue water, authentic food and the people.

The Island life is not for everyone, however one which is easy to slip into. The simplistic way of living mixed with the hot summer sun, white rooftops, quadbikes, Greek salad and of course the loukoumades, we can’t forget the loukoumades, is the perfect holiday combination.

My journey through Greece began with a two-week art residency on the island of Skopelos. After last year’s residency on the island of Vis, Croatia, I couldn’t wait to travel back to Europe for a second placement. As an artist, there is no better place than abroad to get and feel inspired by your surrounding and personal experiences that ultimately enhance your work. Most of my time in Skopelos was focused at the Skopelos Art Foundation where I continued to work on a project I started in Port Lincoln, called ‘Locals’. The name behind this piece was derived from the images I took on my Mamiya C220 film camera of people I met from different parts of the world. During this capturing process, I would converse with the subject to find out their story, which helped individulise each portrait even further.


– Secluded beach that overlooked the famous church from the film Mamma Mia
– Stafylos Beach
– Limnonari Beach
– Dinner in Glossa at Agnanti Restaurant overlooking the town/sunset

When my residency concluded, I ventured south to the island of Ikaria. It is one of the most famous Blue Zones in the world, whereby they have an extremely high percentage of people over the age of 90. We stayed in the town of Frantato in a beautiful home on top of a mountain, owned and built by an Ikarian family that migrated to South Australia many years ago. We were lucky enough to drive around in their family car (which we nicknamed ‘Preddy’), so we could explore every inch of what this magical place had to offer.


– Seychelles beach – A paradise of Aqua blue waters.
– Mineral Hot Springs. Beware, the steam is hot and will burn your feet
– Dinner and drinks at Zuks restaurant in Kampos + a visit to his farm
– Name day parties (invite only) + dinner and dancing at the Ikarian Feast Day Festival (Ikarian Panagiria)

I then made my way over to Paros, the island known for its fine white marble. One of the most memorable days here, was definitely when my friend and I hired a small, inexpensive boat. We had free range to travel the sea, and we did just that. We stumbled across numerous secluded beach coves, masked by intriguingly large rock formations. To our amazement, on the peaks of some rocks were miniature churches, which had obviously been built many years ago. In true Greek style, our boat adventure was followed by “the world’s best yiros”, as claimed by one of the locals. It is safe to say, it was indeed the best I had ever had.


– Fishing village of Naoussa for dinner and drinks
– Vanilla ice cream in Paros
– Boat and scooter hire

We then caught a ferry across to Milos, a place which oozed charm, with its stunning scenery and landscape. Off the boat, and straight onto a quad bike, days were spent adventuring from dawn to dusk.

On the first day we went to Sarakiniko, a surreal white/blue paradise. We also visited a beach called Tsigrado that was only accessible by a very, VERY steep and unstable cliff descent. The only way down was by a handmade ladder and rope which made for an interesting decline. Despite the fear for dear life, the glistening water’s edge and supremely white sand in your toes was well worth it.


– Small fishing village called Klima – Must go to see the small colourful beach huts and to watch the sunset
– Firiplaka – Rainbow rock mountains and beach bar
– Papafragas – small beach and caves used as pirate hideouts.




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