Sukha Life arrives on Hutt Street

You probably already know about all the good things that the girls from Sukha Life are doing for us and our bodies. Their wellness plans and delicious prepared meals have taken Adelaide by storm and now you can get them fresh in their brand new store front on Hutt Street.

“We want everyone to have a taste of the Sukha Life,” says owners Ellen Williams – affectionately known as Elle – and Amy Limmer. “We could not be more excited to have our physical space up and running”. For those unfamiliar with the business, the girls create and cook fresh meals, pack it up and deliver it straight to your door. Whether you’re time poor and just want to free up some time in your life or maybe you just want to look after your body a little better, the Suhka Life is the answer to your prayers.

The menu in store, as it is online, will depend on what is seasonally fresh and available, and will change at the beginning of each week. “All the produce we use in our salads and bowls are the freshest and super delish,” Elle says. “Think Buddha bowls, burgers of the week and smoothie bowls, of course”.

They’ll also be serving up some other local goods in store including coffee with Elementary Coffee Roasters beans, as well as adding My Tribe Type powders to give you that extra kick in your smoothie. “We also have some more exclusive store goodies up our sleeves so stayed posted,” she continues.

When we asked how it feels to see their baby blossom into a physical store front, the girls are really excited about it. “Our vision of Sukha has evolved [from when we first started] and this is an amazing stepping stone for us,” Elle says. “We are incredible passionate about bringing the most innovative health and wellness tools to everyone – starting with Adelaide”.

With both an incredible start and a physical store now ticked off their lists, it only seems natural to ask what’s next on the cards for the girls. “Sukha is going to become more available to everyone,” says Elle. “[But] Adelaide is our first destination and we will keep launching every new element here first because its always going to be our home”.

172A Hutt Street, Adelaide | @sukhalife

Photography by Meaghan Coles.