Studio360 Cycle Pops Up At Super California

Are you ready for the latest health revolution to hit Adelaide? We sure are and luckily for us, our friends at Studio360 Cycle are so excited to share their fitness journey with you that they’re doing a pop up at Super California.
For those who have ever done an RPM class, we’re sure you’re looking forward to it but even for those who don’t frequent the gym, this is the perfect fitness start for you. Studio360 can be done by everyone – no, really, you choose your level in this high intensity but low impact workout. Using the Studio360 Tech Packs, you can track your speed, heart rate, and progress throughout the session. You control your own intensity, with recommendations from your instructor to ensure you are getting the most of your workout.
Studio360 Cycle classes are also set to your favourite workout beat, with all of the best tunes you love to workout to matched to the varying workout in the session.
Sometimes we all get a bit bored with our workout, which can lead to a loss of motivation, and then we stop putting effort in. It’s important to shock your body and change your workout routine to ensure you are always enjoying it, so these Studio360 pop ups are a perfect chance to do that.
Every rider will receive a free Studio360 towel, and there will be exciting door prizes in every class with your chance to win free classes, and other goodies from some of our fitness friends around Adelaide.
Classes are at 5.30pm on Monday April 10, Tuesday April 11 and Wednesday April 12, with a 6.30am class on Tuesday and Wednesday for the early birds. And they’re only $15 each!
Get in and try Studio360 Cycle before they open later in the year. Count us in.
Tickets are available here.




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