Studio360 Cycle brings a whole new fitness experience to Adelaide

It’s finally here. Yep Studio360 Cycle opens its doors this Saturday. We’ve been incredibly excited about getting our own version of the ‘SoulCycle’ style spin classes and luckily for us and you, we don’t have to wait any longer.

For those unfamiliar with spin classes and what Studio360 Cycle will be offering, expect a high intensity, whole body workout, set to an awesome soundtrack of great music that will get you going.

Brainchild of fitness professionals Sam Stanton and Krissy Fearnside, Studio360 isn’t just your average spin class that you’ve been to at your local gym. Set in a stadium-like room with full 360 degree experience, each of the bikes sit on a  raised level surrounding a centre stage where the instructor will ride, giving every rider will have a clear view. And just to make it a bit more fun, above the instructor will be hanging TV screens to show live leader boards and results throughout the class.

“Krissy and I met through our work as personal trainers, and discovered that we both wanted to bring a spin studio to Adelaide,” Sam says. “We wanted to make Studio360 Cycle as innovative as possible, and make sure that our classes were something completely new for people”.

So instead of just cycling along to your instructor with no idea of your own progress, Studio360 uses technology that will allow you to keep up to date. For example, each bike is paired with a TECHPAC that delivers information to the rider about their RPM, resistance and power. Riders can use this to track their performance throughout the class, and see their progress between rides on their Studio360 Cycle app profile. Talk about keeping yourself motivated.

“It’s not just walk in, ride, walk out,” Krissy says. “We want to interact with all of our riders from the moment they book a class, and make sure that throughout their experience they’re guided and motivated, so they can get the best results,” she continues.

Both Sam and Krissy will work as instructors in the studio along with a team of experienced fitness professionals.

At Studio360 Cycle, it’s not just about the health and fitness benefits from it’s also about making the experience in their studio enjoyable and motivating for every rider.

Check it out for yourself from this weekend. Or you know, you can enter our competition to win five classes here.

Studio360 Cycle opens this Saturday, February 24.

1194-1196 South Road in Clovelly Park. | @studio360cycle




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