Start your fitness journey with ‘Love Your MBody’

If you’re a local and even remotely interested in health and fitness, you definitely know who Henny Moody is. She’s one of Adelaide’s best known personal trainers and her MBody gals are proof of her hard work and dedication to helping you feel your best. One of the best things about Henny though is her goal to empower women and lift them up, and this is exactly what she wants to do with her brand new e-book, Love Your Mbody. Now available to order online, the book strives to help girls with their health and fitness as well as understand balance.

We catch up with the fitness extraordinaire herself to chat about the book, feeling vulnerable but not letting it get in the way and what’s next on the cards.

Hey Henny! The last time we spoke you were being recognised as a leader in your field by Women’s Health, how has it been since?

The competition has to be one of the absolute highlights of my career to date. It was a pretty extraordinary experience to be recognised in my field at that level – I still have to pinch myself! Honestly, what blew me away was the time and effort people put into reaching out and cheering for me to succeed. The words people said will stay for me forever. Since then I have been in full force developing the Love Your Mbody eBook. I think having that platform just proved to me how much I want to be able to help more people than just my community.

Can you tell us about ‘Love your MBody’ and what we can expect from it? 

Look, I still remember purchasing my first eBook at the beginning of my fitness journey. I put all my hopes and dreams on someone I had just seen on Instagram. The guide didn’t give me much guidance, I had no idea how to do the exercises, what pace and don’t even get me started with how it was structured – confused was an understatement! And no, after a few weeks I didn’t have the Insta babe’s body (and I will never have that body – that’s her genetics)! So with that in mind I have created the Love Your Mbody so that everyone can understand it. It is a 4-week structure to begin with and there are images provided, written descriptions, video tutorials and my favourite part of all: the downloadable voice recordings so you can be motivated and keep pace – I will be with you for every workout! But this eBook isn’t just about a physical change, it’s about loving who you are, which is so much more important!

You’ve said to us in the past that you #DreamDisneyScale, has releasing an e-book always been on the big list of Disney style goals?

I am ALL about #DreamDisneyScale this is absolutely Disney moment for me! When I started my fitness journey I most definitely never would have believed I could have produced what I have today. It was completely my Walt Disney drawing Micky Mouse moment! I just cannot wait to promote more self-love, less self-hate and a whole lot of girlboss attitude! I am so sick of seeing society’s preconceived ideas of how a female ‘should’ look depicting beautiful girl’s confidence!

In previews for the book, you’ve said that you were never the fit girl when you were younger, how does it feel to be where you are now when you look back on that?

This question actually makes my tummy drop a bit because the girl that I used to be would have never gone for a dream this big. I let my shell completely define who I was. I think of the little Henny who was insecure, doubted herself and always made excuses, and how I have changed my life to be who I am today and how cool is it that I have the opportunity to help others with their transformation? I am a huge advocate for more fitfluential individuals encouraging the “young Henny’s” of society that they can be whoever they want to be, they don’t need to be anything but themselves and that Disney moments do come true!

Your girls are so dedicated and believe in you so much, are there any words of wisdom you can share with us or our readers about how to get motivated this Spring?

I think the first thing I can say is throw out the idea that its Spring and you must get fit overnight. Make the choice that you want to be healthy, nourish your body and be your best because you deserve it always. Not because bikini season is around the corner! If you start choosing to look at healthy balance as a day by day (with a few slip ups here and there) then it all comes very easy! My most successful clients are the ones that train hard Monday – Friday and relax on the weekends (without massive blow outs)!

Now you’ve ticked the e-book off your list, what’s next for you and MBody?

Oh my goodness what is next… Look the options are limitless and I feel like I can take on any new challenge! But I think my focus will be on the next chapter release of the eBook, my annual end of year charity event and also working with my other trainer bendy Elle (her Pilates sessions are next level) on some pretty amazing things at the studio!

Buy your own copy of the e-book here.




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