Spring Break: An Introduction to Juice Cleansing

Suns out, buns out and jumpers off. We’re already strutting boldly into spring and with that comes spaghetti straps, bare legs and the looming thought of whether last year’s bikini will still fit. As the saying goes, a summer body is made in winter. Well, better late than never, so enter the spring juice cleanse. The perfect time to reset, reboot and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit in preparation for the hot months ahead.

Adelaide’s best cold pressed juice cleanse is naturopath endorsed, Bodhi Cleanse. Created by Naturopath Karina Pike, this premium program has been designed to support your body’s natural processes, nurture and care for your gut and allow your system a little spring break from processing dairy, meat, alcohol and sugar. Choose your own adventure with 1, 3 or 5 day plans, with selection really coming down to ‘no pain, no gain’ as the benefits incrementally accumulate the longer you can commit. Each day consists of drinking six (delicious) vegetable juices plus two litres of water, and nothing else. The 3 and 5 day cleanses also come with a special detox mixture that can be added into one of the morning juices for extra digestive assistance as well as an exfoliating eucalyptus sugar scrub from Kangaroo Island’s Organiq. This is a complete and immersive cleansing experience and you will see and feel the effects on your skin and in your mind and body.

The list of benefits is long and comprehensive. Some of the main positives include;

– Increased metabolism
– Weight loss
– Boosted energy levels
– Reduced cellulite
– Younger, brighter looking skin
– Improved digestive health
– Reduced cravings
– Improved mental clarity
– Improved concentration
– Reduced bloating
– Healthy lifestyle kick start

To ensure your system receives the highest dose of precious vitamins and minerals, Bodhi Cleanse uses only organic vegetables and even collects your bottles once you’re done to re-use and reduce the impact on the Earth.

So armed with the promise of all the above, we committed to a middle of the road approach and took on The 3 Day Cleanse. Here’s what to expect.


Everything starts off well as we enthusiastically embrace the thought of not eating solid food for three days. We’re out and about and barely notice not eating anything. Until about 2pm, when a little headache sneaks in followed closely by those solid food cravings. Several glasses of water and Juice No. 4 ‘Afternoon Delight’ will perk you back up so you can sail through the remaining hours with ease. You can honestly do anything for a day.

Clique tip: warm Juice No. 6 ‘Night Cap’ on the stove top and add an illegal dash of nutmeg.


We’re not going to lie, Day 2 is HARD and will ultimately sort the truly committed from those just on the juice cleanse bandwagon. But, like making yourself run more than 6km each session, Day 2 is where the benefits really kick in.

Expect to wake up feeling amazing, better than you have in weeks as the caffeine, alcohol and sugar exit your system. But be sure to drink Juice No. 1, the ‘Morning Elixir’, blended with the special detox mixture because by 11am you will be hungry and the bulk of the psyllium husks and fibre will help keep the cravings away. Karina warns us that it is crucial to stay hydrated, so just keep drinking water as your very clever digestive system uses it as a vehicle to flush toxins directly out of the body. By 1pm you will feel light headed and may need to rest to allow the body to focus on nothing but detoxing. Then at 4pm, expect to feel GREAT and again find the evening routine much less challenging than the rest of the day.

Clique tip: have an Epsom salt bath at what would normally be your dinner time. It’s a soothing, calming reward and, a great distraction.


By Day 3 your body has adjusted to its new state and suddenly you won’t even be able to think about eating a sandwich, let alone a steak and chips. The concept of solid food seems strangely foreign and so Day 3 will be much easier than Day 2. Day 3 is when those who have stayed truly committed to losing weight, gaining clarity and setting new benchmarks for their health will be rewarded. Your intestines will be unclogged, your mind will be sharp and your skin will be radiant.

Clique tip: use your new found clarity to plan out your meals for the next three days. Try to stick to vegetables, smoothies and salads.

There is a real sense of achievement in completing a juice cleanse which speaks to be mental benefits that accompany the obvious physical ones. It demonstrates how connected all of our systems are; digestive, neuro and immune and how diet and what you choose to eat plays such a crucial role in our overall wellbeing. So we absolutely recommend the Bodhi Cleanse system to kick start a commitment to health that will undoubtedly put a spring in your summertime step.

Choose your juice cleanse plan on their website bodhicleanse.com.au




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