So You Want To Be A Photographer?

In a world where almost everyone owns a smart phone with a high megapixel camera, it’s easy for everyone to believe that they’re photographer. With editing apps almost a staple on every phone so you can capture that perfect Instagram-worthy image, it’s even easier to edit those original photos into creative masterpieces. However, if photography is your niche and something that you’re deeply passionate about, it’s now time to further your skills with the courses offered by the Centre for Creative Photography.

Photography can lead to career paths in almost any industry with the world constantly needing images captured to be looked back on in the future. A photographer can end up in the world of public relations, in the world of sports journalism and especially in the world of fashion. Just look at Mario Testino and the growing photographic legacy he is amassing in the fashion world.

The courses run by the CCP commence May 2nd and vary in specification and course focus. There are 15 different courses to choose from with fees ranging from $685-$725. We’ve selected a few courses to demonstrate the variety in content from the CCP.

Introduction to Photography
This course is for those wishing to learn the basics of photography through learning integral photography techniques and how to work with digital image capture.

Introduction to the Darkroom
Designed for the beginner as an introduction to film-based image capture, this is a course where students will explore all the basics of darkroom processes and printing methods.

Photographic Design
The photographic design course is crafted to help amateur and professional photographers strengthen their abilities with the design of photographs. Its main focus is to become familiar with visual systems and designing a more engaging photograph.

Portrait Photography
This is an introductory course for photographing people on location and in studio work. It is structured to suit both amateur and experienced photographers further their skills in the medium.


Neon Theory
Portrait by CCP Graduate Neon Theory
Jade Elliot from the Introduction to the Darkroom course
Christine Itel from the Digital Imaging course
Robyn Edwards from the Advanced Lighting course
CCP Graduate Che Chorley

To see more information on all courses offered, take a look at their website here.

Maybe you’re a budding photographer who’s already got all the skills? CCP also hire out their studios, it’s our first choice when looking for a space to shoot our editorials – so handy that it’s only 4kms from the city too. Prices start from $55 for a four hour time slot.




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