Skin Deep At Laser Clinics Australia

Beauty may only be skin deep, but Laser Clinics Australia look a whole lot deeper than the epidermis.

While we know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, true confidence can be found from within by being comfortable in your own skin. It’s more than just surface value – our skin is the biggest organ we have and best outfit we own (one that can’t be changed with the seasons!) It needs to be looked after with uttermost care and caution… A trip to the dry cleaners won’t remove the sun spots of your most valuable little number.

Laser Clinics Australia offers an array of sublime skin treatments that can help you feel your most radiant, youthful and best version of yourself.

Dermal Rolling

What is it?
Dermal rolling is the perfect treatment for a variety of skin conditions and concerns including acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores and blackheads.

How it works?
The treatment involves applying a small roller made of tiny surgical needles to the surface of the skin. This creates tiny puncture channels that encourage an organic collagen renewal and regeneration response.

What are the benefits?
Dermal rolling is quick and effective taking no longer than half an hour to complete the treatment.

It is a chemical and laser free alternative treatment which is perfect for people who cannot undertake laser therapy treatments for skin conditions such as acne scarring.

It is a great investment and you only need six to eight treatments between five to six weeks apart. (Think of how much money you are willing to spend on your wardrobe per month. Now remember you only have one skin!)


What is it?
Microdermabrasion treatments are designed to improve the texture and quality of your skin while tackling dull, dry or rough skin. It also helps treat acne and reducing superficial pigmentation and fine lines.

How it works?
Using a small microdermabrasion hand piece, the therapist polishes and deeply exfoliates your skin while promoting lymphatic draining. The hand piece is passed over the face to loosen and remove the upper layer of dead skin cells.

What are the benefits?
Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells allowing new, healthy skin to shine through.

The effects will last for up to a month.

Microdermabrasion is also extremely effective on the back, chest and neck.

The treatment is gentle and similar to having a relaxing facial! They can take up to 20 minutes with no down time so you can go straight out for a coffee afterward.

So if you have been thinking about skin and confidence renewal it’s time to get the dermal ball rolling.
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Photography by Matthew Kroker




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