Seven Days With Mary

Mary Lawas
1. Designer. Blogger.  Totally rad chick.

2. To ‘Mary Lawas’ is nail everything life throws at you.

If you haven’t heard of designer and blogger Mary Lawas, you need to seriously re-evaluate your life.

Based in Adelaide, Mary is a designer at one of our favourite brands, Keepsake The Label, all while blogging regularly through her insta-account @franzblog. Totally nailing style and femininity, Mary is turning heads with her trendy designs, blogs, and insta-snaps.

But how does she juggle all of this? How can she possibly be a designer at one of Australia’s top labels and have a successful and current blog, all while finding the right balance and time for herself?

Well we caught up with the boss-lady herself to see just how she does it! (One more thing to add to her plate amirite?!)

“It’s hard to say what a ‘usual’ week is, as every week is different from the next! But I’ll run through what my week will look like this week! I work full time, so Monday to Friday; plus blog in my spare time, which is generally on the weekend!” Mary says.


Finalise emails for our previous Keepsake collection; this involves sending off all technical packs to our factories. Technical packs consist of our trade sketches, descriptions of how to make the garments we envisioned, and measurements. From the tech packs, our factories can create first fit samples.


No time to waste. The whole team (Carmen, Cyd, Helena and myself) gather up inspo/mood boards, colour pallets and print ideas, and start designing the next collection (April 2017). Carmen Dugan, Brand Manager/ Head Designer of Keepsake, goes through all the ‘stories’ we like the most out of our inspo.

Stories are the different themes we have through each collection; for example, say we have a pleating detail which consists of five styles in total, we refer to it as the ‘pleated story’.


My favourite part – Start sketching up our inspo and brainstorming new and interesting designs! We use the program Adobe Illustrator for all of our trade sketching.

In the background we are following up our factories to ensure the photo-shoot samples for our next (November 2016) collection is on its way, ready for the next look-book shoot. We are generally working on 5-6 collections at all different stages throughout the month!


Continue designing April 2017, pick out our favourite sketches and fine tuning all the stories. We also begin dropping in possible colours and prints into the sketches to give a clearer vision what suits which styles.


More designing for April 2017! By this stage we are generally all sketched up and will begin selecting the appropriate fabrics for each story. Wine time begins at 4.30 on Fridays, being in such a big building now, it’s pretty important to attend to see some of the faces that you may not have seen all week!


My day off! This is the day usually set aside for sleeping in. I also generally blog on Saturdays. I have a regular photographer who helps me out, Adam Stanley. He lives close by and enjoys a bit of fashion photography on the side of his full-time job!


I believe Sundays are for one thing, and one thing only; relaxing!


Wow – she is one busy lady! From organising the April collection next year, to blogging, to finding time for herself, how does she do it?

‘I love keeping busy! I also really believe that looking after yourself physically definitely helps to keep your body and mind going strong. I go for morning jogs and eat 80% healthy foods (Although lately I’ll be honest, I’ve been having a daily tim-tam with the Keepsake girls). My blog in a way helps my creativity “flow” for my design work, and to me, they come hand in hand. As for my personal life, because I don’t work weekends; there’s always time to catch up with friends.

And tell us, how did your blog @franzblog first come about?
My friend from Year 1, Sussanah Ioannou, actually forced me to start my blog about two and a bit years ago. I was very reluctant and didn’t have a clue how to get started, but bought myself a DSLR and trusty tripod (which I still use now) and bob was my uncle. But I’m so glad she pushed me to do it!

The first rule to an Instagram selfie is…
To feel comfortable – otherwise everyone will see in your eyes that you definitely aren’t! Hair placement is also very important ha.

And what’s next for you now?
Well I’ve recently moved into the ‘design’ role this year, I was previously the Assistant Designer so now I’m focussing on the new challenges this role has to offer! Looking forward to continue being part of the amazing team behind Keepsake. I’ll still be blogging too!

Don’t forget to find this awesome gurl through her insta @franzblog, or her website. Also, check out the latest designs at Keepsake the Label.

All images provided Mary Lawas. 




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