Saviour Of The Skin: Retinol

It seems every week there’s a new anti-ageing product on the market but one that’s stood the tests of time is Retinol, the saviour of the skin. Commonly referred to as Vitamin A, it is known for its anti-wrinkling powers, working wonders for acne ridden skin and minimising large pores.

Here’s the science to the madness: Retinol functions as an antioxidant that interrupts the free-radical damaging processes which causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing on the skin, or more simply put, it has the ability to slow down ageing while simultaneously increasing collagen production and fading signs sun damage.

With the anti-ageing properties, it’s also shown promise for acne sufferers, those with clogged pores, brightens and reduces lines after use, showing that the vitamin is a complete skin care all-rounder.

Additionally, while it was commonly used only as an intensive ingredient in night creams and serums, newer developments in skincare has broadened the spectrum of use to all-day use making the products handy for sunlight and moonlight.

To help you add this treasure to your routine, we’ve found the best retinol products around for you to try out.

RESTYLANE SKINCARE Night Serum 15mL $59.99




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