Sally Port Supply Co.

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, and the latest artworks to hit Adelaide are barber capes! Sally Port Suply Co. (SPSC) is a label dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind barber capes, for all you guys out there.

Being frustrated with the lack of quality barber capes in Adelaide, Glenn Watson decided to create his own label, producing trendy and modern pieces. Handmade by the man himself, these capes add style and personality; something needed to give your barbershop experience a little umph.

We caught up with Glenn to find out even more about SPSC.

What made you want to create barber capes? And base a label around this idea?
I wanted to make something that is rad AF and something people needed. I have always struggled to find barber capes / aprons that suit my own style and personality, so I took it upon myself to make them.

Barbering is a way of life just like any other art form (tattoo artist, painter, designer, mechanic, musician, etc.), so most barbers I know don’t want to just be ‘the norm’ or have ‘the norm’, so I am filling that need. As for the label being so awesome, everything about barbering is awesome, so all I have to do is show up and half my job is already done!

SPSC’s general vibes are…
The vibe I like to have with SPSC is modern minimalistic, while holding onto the old school barber feel. Keeping traditional style but with a modern day twist. I take inspiration from everything I have in my life: family, hair, music, world cultures, men and fashion.

How do you design your capes?All my capes are handmade and designed by myself at my studio. All the fabrics and materials I use are sourced locally. I am all about supporting local business and keeping my products as far away from a mass production as possible; each one of my capes and aprons I consider to be a piece or art, and like great artwork, there is only ever one of its kind.


Manbun or buzz cut?
I consider my barber style as classic, so I am going to have to say buzz cut. Plus I’m a huge drake fan so anyone I can make a little more drake, I’m all about!

Moustache or beard?
I have a beard myself, so I have to say beard – but I am about all things facial hair.

And what’s next for you now?
As for the future, I am working on a new drop which should be out any day now;  I just want to grow and develop Sally Port Supply Co – getting my products around the necks of men worldwide! I love everything I do and I feel my work shows that. So as long as I keep the fire burning inside, SPSC will be around for a long time.

All images provided by SPSC




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