SALA: anything at all

Narelle Autio

There is art in the everyday, and feature event at the SALA Festival, anything at all, explores this fascinating concept.

anything at all: an extraordinary exhibition about ordinary things “explores the simple truth that art can come from, and be about, anything at all.”

The South Australian artists who have been selected by renowned art writer and curator, John Neylon, to display their work in the exhibition are masters at finding beauty and inspiration in the taken for granted. The exhibition will include work from Narelle Autio, Deidre But-Husaim, Sasha Grbich, Aldo Iacobelli, Ian North, Sophia Nuske, Geoff Wilson and SALA Festival feature artist for 2017, Christopher Orchard. Together the artists will create a diverse display of art.

CLIQUE Mag’s pick would have to be ceramic artist Sophia Nuske who can recreate the most basic items like a pencil, bank card or Band-Aid into colourful, modern art.

Adelaide Central School of Art CEO, Ingrid Kellebach, says “we anticipate that our audience…will be surprised, delighted, and challenged by these extraordinary works.”

“The accompanying videos produced by Sasha Grbich provide candid insights into the how each artist approaches their work,” she says.

The exhibition will be held at Adelaide Central School of Art in their gallery, and teaching and studio building from 14 August–17 September. The exhibition is one of three which will be presented at the School.

The opening event will be held on Tuesday, 16 August from 6–8pm. 

Deidre But-Husaim
Sasha Grbich
Ian North
Sophia Nuske
Christopher Orchard
Geoff Wilson
Aldo Iacobelli




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