Recipe: Summer Pressed Juice Popsicles

There’s nothing better than a refreshing popsicle on a hot summer’s day. During the week we had a look at what SA bars, restaurants and businesses are offering icy poles (naughty and nice) on their menu, but why not try making them at home?

We recently discovered The Juice Lab‘s pressed juices and thought they’d provide the perfect flavour combination to freeze up onto a stick!


-400ml The Juice Lab ‘Rise and Shine’ pressed juice (available at Coles & Woolworths)
-½ passionfruit (medium size)
-1 tsp fresh mint (finely chopped)


1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze overnight.

3. Once frozen, run the molds under warm water for easy removal.

nb. For an 18+ popsicle, just add in your favourite clear spirit at Step 1.




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