Recipe: Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Matcha green tea smoothie

Matcha is the latest craze taking over clean-eating and superfood diets everywhere. It’s rich in antioxidants and claims to also protect against heart disease and cancer.

So there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be starting off every morning with this Matcha Green Tea Smoothie recipe.

Ingredients (for one)

1 cup chilled Vitasoy Original Almond Milk
1 small ripe mango, peeled & chopped
1 small ripe banana, peeled
1/2 tsp matcha powder
handfull of ice cubes


1 Place all ingredients into a blender.

Blend until smooth and serve.

*Matcha green tea powder can be purchased from the supermarket or health food stores.

Recipe courtesy of Vitasoy ambassador, Zoe Bingley-Pullin