Recipe: FruChoc Waffles

In celebration of FruChocs appreication day, our friends at Robern Menz have provided us and you the perfect recipe to treat yourself this weekend! Waffles are life, so adding our favourite apricot and peach balls could only end up in sweet heaven for us all!

FruChoc Waffles

Prep time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 2 mins
Difficulty: medium
Makes approx. 8 waffles

275g plain flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
375ml milk
125ml vegetable oil
3 eggs, separated
40g butter, melted
60g Menz Mini FruChocs
35g Menz FruChocs, cut in half

1. Preheat waffle maker following manufacturer’s directions.
2. Whisk the egg yolks, milk, oil and vanilla together in a large bowl, stirring until smooth and combined.
3. Sift flour over mixture. Add caster sugar. Whisk until almost smooth and combined.
4. Use an electric mixer to whisk egg whites in a clean, dry bowl until firm peaks form. Use a metal spoon to gently fold one-third of egg white into flour mixture. Add remaining egg white and Menz Mini FruChocs, fold until just combined.
5. Half-fill the waffle maker with batter. Close lid. Cook for 1 and a half to 2 minutes or until cooked through. Transfer to wire rack. Repeat with remaining batter.
NOTE: in-between each waffle scoop, use your metal spoon to scoop mixture from bottom to top, ensuring FruChocs don’t all sink to the bottom of the bowl.
6. Divide the waffles among serving plates. Top with FruChocs, fresh berries and ice cream to serve.





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