RECIPE – Caramel Baked Slice

As the Easter Bunny is an essential service, I received bulk chocolate on the weekend. Even though I am trying to stay fit with my home workout guide, I decided to bake with all the extra chocolate I had left over.

I love Caramilk chocolate, but unfortunately it is nowhere to be seen, so I decided to make a baked caramel inspired slice with all the mini caramel eggs I had and mars bars left over. I am not sure what’s better? snacking on the slice or all the mini eggs!

335 g Arnott’s Butternut Snap Cookies
125 g melted butter
125 ml thickened cream (plus 80ml extra thickened cream)
450g Caramilk Chocholate
** If you are like me and couldn’t find it ** – alter with the following
150 g white cooking chocolate
150 g Mars Bars
150 g mini Caramel Easter eggs
250 g of Caramilk Philadelphia (at room temperature)
250 g of Philadelphia (I used the light one at room temperature)
2 tsp of vanilla essence
2 eggs

Preheat your oven to 180 C.

Line a thick slice pan with baking paper, letting the paper to overhang the two long sides

Place the biscuits in a food processor until they form fine crumbs. From there, add the butter and process until all combined. Transfer the mixture to the pan and press firmly over the base and side of pan. Cover with some glad wrap and let it chill in the fridge.

Add 125 ml cream and 250 g of either your Caramilk or a blend of your chocolate choice/choices into a small saucepan over low heat. Cook by stirring until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is nice and smooth. Set aside to cool.

Using electric beaters, beat the cream cheese and vanilla essence until smooth. From there, add the eggs 1 by 1, beating well after everything is combined. Add your chocolate mixture and beat well to combine all current ingredients. Pour the mixture over the biscuit base.

Place the slice in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes. Once you have turned off the oven, leave it in the oven with the door slightly open for 2 hours, or until cooked completely.

Once set, place in the fridge for 3 hours to chill.

Using your extra cream and remaining chocolate, add into a small saucepan and cook over low heat until mixture is smooth.

Pour over the cheesecake layer and place in the fridge until set.

Carefully lift the slice from the baking pan, cut up into pieces and enjoy!




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