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If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you may have missed the rise of Adelaide’s newest and best food stall, GANG GANG. Local legends, Nina Hadinata and Morgen Wynn are currently serving up the best burgers around town, you can usually find them at market stalls or any events that might pop up around Adelaide. Now the pair have announced GANG GANG’s brand-new trailer, so you can expect to see the girls covering even more events.

Between building trucks and building burgers, we got the chance to chat with Nina and Morgen about what they’re up to and what we can expect next – there are talks of a brick and mortar location early next year so keep your eyes out!

When and why did you start GANG GANG?

GANG GANG started in late January this year! So, we are still pretty new to the game. We have both been in the entertainment industry since we can remember and as we grew older and wanted to settle down we decided to create something that meant something more to us than just a club night.

We are both foodies. We love to eat out, talk about food, cook for our friends and family, so I guess GANG GANG was born from the last decade of life experiences, travel and love for food. Although you can find a burger on every menu these days we are confident to say that GANG GANG burgers aren’t your average burger. Keeping it fresh and light but still giving you that naughty burger fix.


What is the perfect burger filling?

Morgen: THE CARDI B – Buttermilk fried chicken, avocado, salsa, slaw and chilli mayo. I always like to add Jalapeños and hot sauce too!

Nina: I think simplicity is key, too many burgers these days have too much going on. A good cheese burger must have a good meat to fat ratio, a good sear, and quality cheese, with GANG GANG we keep it simple with condiments that are fresh and sauces that are made in house.

Biggest achievement?

Our Food Trailer – her name is ‘Trailer Swift’. We have been grinding back to back events this whole year to save up for this. Working and doing a lot of the extra things people wouldn’t usually expect from us, we had to save money and get to where we are today.

Morgen: I feel like a qualified tradie. I service and clean all our equipment, drive around trailers and trucks to load everything on and off sites and build a lot of our structures that we trade out of. It’s completely worth it though. Doing it all yourself, putting your blood sweat and tears into something seems like a lot at the time but it pays off and we are so grateful to our friends and family who have helped us along the way.

Nina: This year has been so great but yes our food trailer and having served 1000s of burgers with amazing feedback has been our greatest achievement so far. The menu is a huge accomplishment for me because I’m just a home cook and when we first started I couldn’t have dreamed for us to be growing the way we have been. So, thank you to everyone who has come to eat this year!


Where can we find you?

Market Nights at Plant 4 Bowden, Bowerbird at The Showgrounds 23-26th Nov, Archie’s Clubhouse on The Pontoon Wed-Sun until 22nd Dec, Gilles at the Grounds Bazaar 2nd Dec, Showgrounds Wine Machine at Penny’s Hill 1st Dec, Shania Twain 2nd Dec at Botanic Park, Bon Jovi 4th Dec at Botanic Park.


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