Oil Pulling — What is it and why do I need it?

So you’ve probably heard the term ‘oil-pulling’ tossed around the health/beauty world a fair bit lately, and for good reason. This ancient Ayurvedic dental technique is said to draw out impurities in an effort to detoxify your body and improve your overall health.

So what is oil pulling?
Oil pulling requires you to swish a tablespoon of oil around your mouth for 15-20 minutes, or as long as you can stand. You can do this with any vegetable-based oil, however most people choose coconut oil for its anti-bacterial properties and somewhat pleasant taste.

Why do I need to oil pull?
Oil pulling has a range of supposed health benefits, these include:

– Whiter teeth
– Fresher breath
– Alleviation of headaches
– Ridding hangovers
– Improving skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema
– Cavity and gingivitis prevention
– Reduces inflammation
– Boosts immune system

How to oil pull:

1. Place approximately 1 tablespoon of your selected vegetable-based oil in your mouth, do not swallow.

2. Swish the oil around your mouth for 5–20 minutes (the longer, the better), ensuring not to swallow the oil.

3. Spit the oil into the bin (not down the sink as it can solidify and block your drain!)

4. Rinse your mouth with warm water then brush and floss as usual.

See how easy it is? Oil pulling is super-easy and does wonders for your health, so what are you waiting for? Grab your coconut oil and start swishing!

Images via superlife.com & ashleyneese.com




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