New Year’s resolutions that we can all keep

Happy New Year Adelaide! It’s that time of year again. With a fresh calendar and a fresh start, ‘tis the season of ‘new year, new me’. From eating well to stressing less, the new year is the perfect time to reassess your wellbeing and set new goals for the upcoming months. Luckily, here in Adelaide we are blessed with an array of Australian based businesses to ease the strain of sticking to our (often easily abandoned) good intentions.

Resolutions at the ready! Consider your every goal kicked in 2018 with these top-notch Australian businesses.

Eat Well with Sukha Life

Join the movement that took Hutt Street and wider Adelaide by storm in 2017 and eat well with Sukha Life. Take care of your health without sacrificing the joy of delicious eating with Sukha’s one, three and five-day programmes. Enjoy botanically based eats and treat yourself to good health and an even better menu for 2018.

WHERE? 172A Hutt Street, Adelaide

@sukhalife |

Move More with M Body

Squat, sprint and sweat your way into the new year with M Body. The genius of Adelaide health queen, M Body is designed with ladies in mind. The studio is a positive space perfect for kicking your every fitness goal. Whether you want to get your stretch on with a pilates regime in 2018, prefer a HIIT cycle or simply want to do it all, move more this year with M Body.

WHERE? 9C Nelson Street, Stepney

@mbodyhealth |

Stress Less – Power Living Yoga

In the beautiful CBD surrounds of Halifax Street lies a haven of stretching, movement and serenity. Promoting optimal wellbeing, the studio’s range of classes see hot and non-heated Vinyasa and Yin classes. Encouraging us all to take time to step out of the daily grind and get in tune with our bodies, embrace your inner yogi and stress less with Power Living in 2018.

WHERE? 60 Halifax Street, Adelaide |

Sleep Better – Jagger Sleepwear

In a world of busy schedules, we could all do with catching a little extra sleep. Dedicated to providing minimalist sleepwear that is both ethically manufactured and sustainably produced, treat yourself to Australian made, luxe, organic PJs with Jagger. Sleep easy knowing that your pyjamas’ fabric, dyes and even packaging are good for you and the planet.

@jaggersleepwear |




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