Neon Tetra charms with new single The End Begins Again

With their crisp modern twist on the seductive sounds of the‘70s and ‘80s, Adelaide new wave and pop-soul collective Neon Tetra charms Clique with the release of their new single The End Begins Again. 


Taken from their forthcoming EP Pollen, the fourpiece will celebrate the release of The End Begins Again by hitting the road for an east coast tour in May and the band is currently performing every Monday night during April as part of a residency at the Exeter Hotel. Clique catches up with singer Josh Allen to talk music, Robbie Williams and, ahh, cabbages.

Congratulations on the release of your new single The End Begins Again. Tell us about the song.
The song is basically a little ode to ‘70s soul with a bit of a modern twist. It’s a song about endings – in this case heartbreak. And recognising that sometimes things aren’t as perfect as we make them out to be and often the conclusion of one thing leads to something much better.

Where did the inspiration of golden day late ‘70s and early ‘80s pop come from?
Dan and I both have a grand love of soul, and we both wanted to really commit to writing simple pop songs for this EP. Dan had a pretty major role in the creative process and had a really strong vision of what he wanted so we rode that. Thankfully that meant I was able to write and play with some fun melodies that I could get comfy with.

Let’s talk about the video clip for the song, it’s so whimsical, I love it. What’s the story behind the cabbage?
Thank you! That is almost entirety down to the wonderful work of our good friend Mickey Mason of Corduroy Productions. Mickey did all the work putting the concept and look together and all we’ve heard back is wonderful things. In short Oscar and I give birth to a cabbage baby, and it grows up to be a beautiful cabbage lady/man.

With the release of The End Begins Again, does that mean we can expect your EP, Pollen, soon?
That will be dropping a little later this year. Probably the second half of the year, but we’ll drop a little something between now and then, don’t worry!

You guys had a huge 2017. You supported the likes of Ecca Vandal and The Belligerents. How did those gigs go?
It was great. I think we were all really surprised and humbled to get on bills with such great acts so soon [into our career] and they were really great to see play and pick up little tips from.

And of course, you supported Robbie Williams in front of thousands in Adelaide. What was that experience like?
Yes, that was pretty surreal. I still find it difficult to describe. The adrenaline rush was incredible, a really large portion of the crowd got into it and we all had a lot of fun, so all in all we are happy chaps.

Did you get to meet Robbie?
Unfortunately not. We all had to leave as he had a crew of about 150 people so there wasn’t enough room backstage. Next time maybe…

You guys are residents at the Exeter this month and will perform at Chateau Apollo this May. What can audiences expect from your live shows?
Lots of dancing, lots of smiles and a hell of a lot of energy. We’ll have some sexy new merch dropping just for the tour, so that will be getting a first look in Adelaide.

Neon Tetra will be in Adelaide on Saturday, May 5 at Chateau Apollo. Get your tickets here.




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