Natural Skincare: Kosmea

Kosmea is an internationally distinguished natural skin care company, but less known, is that it was grown in Adelaide. The success story of Kosmea Australia is as humbling as the founder herself.

Marie Jenkins was a stay-at-home mum of three young children before she launched the company in 1993. But Marie has always had a passion for natural skin care. Being of Greek origin, her mother encouraged a natural method when it came to food, medicine and skin care. “I’ve always had a passion for natural skin care and mixing up my own concoctions using ingredients like avocado, yoghurt and herbs,” says Marie.

After looking through a natural remedy recipe that required rose-hips, Marie went to a rose farm in Willunga, to pick some of their rose hips. After discovering the benefits of rosehips, Marie found a supplier in Chile and sold the family car to buy her first drum of rosehip oil. “My family and I spent long days and nights around the kitchen table, filling and labelling 4,000 bottles with the oil.”

Over the next few weeks Marie visited every health food store in South Australia and gave each store owner a bottle to try and within six month’s had sold
all 4,000 bottles. From there, Kosmea was born. Determined, Marie bought more drums of rose hip oil and began to develop more skin care products for the range and began exporting to Hong Kong, the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Rosehip oil is the first and most popular of Kosema’s products because of its healing benefits. It is known to reduce scars and wrinkles, faded pigmentation, improved elasticity and skin tone, and reverse signs of sun-damage and premature ageing. The extraction and production process keeps the grade of premium quality. The rose hips are hand-dried, and the oil is extracted using supercritical extraction, an innovative
and environmentally friendly method that’s both heat- and solvent-free.

Kosmea, an ancient Greek word meaning harmony and balance, and, keeping with its name, Kosmea’s philosophy is to maintain harmony and balance in everything they do. That means using natural ingredients that contain no mineral oils, artificial colours, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate or animal ingredients and no animal testing.

Not only are the products good for you, they’re also good for the environment. They use 100 per cent recyclable packaging and buy product that grows wild and is handpicked and hand-dried, so no machinery is required and no energy is wasted. Kosmea is also in the process of turning the whole
organisation green.

Marie wants us to question the ingredients of what we use. Last year, $644.7 million was spent on cosmetic surgery in Australia – a 15 per cent increase on the year before – and most of it was spent on antiwrinkle treatments such as Botox. “Unfortunately, so many people are looking for a quick fix – they’re not looking for a long-term solution,” says Marie. “I think the biggest challenge we have in the beauty industry
today is getting the truth out there and educating women about what they’re really doing to their skin and their bodies.”

Marie plans to extend the range including products for men, babies and teens as well as opening concept stores throughout Australia.




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